Traditional Tango From a Modern Perspective

What is We Are Tango?

 With only 20 seats per show, is the most intimate Tango Show in Buenos Aires. This is not a Las Vegas kind of show, we strive to represent the real value of our culture in an interactive evening. Amazing Dancers, talented Tango Trio and Singer and excellent personalized service is what We Are Tango is all about. So come, relax, experience and enjoy this wonderful evening as comfortable as if you where in your own living room. Experience Tango only a few feet away. Become the stars of the evening in our fun and iconic Tango Dance Lesson.

We Are Tango Team


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Experience Real Tango

The most intimate tango show in Buenos Aires.

Venues change, but guest satisfaction at We Are Tango remains the same! We are confident you'll feel the same way!


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